The Winter Season has Begun

Snow Rider


With the Aerial Park still humming along, Snow Valley Ski Club season passes are selling like hot cakes!

What’s New?

As a season pass holder you may come down and pick up your pass. 

What’s new is that you can do it anytime.  All passes will be issued out of the Rainbow Valley Chalet, the same place you check in for the Aerial Park and Campground.  Hours of operation in August are 8:00 am until 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday for your convenience. 

Save 10% on select Season Passes!

This year Snow Valley has instituted some new initiatives including a goal to reduce waste.  This reduction will start with paperless waivers and printing less annual brochures than in past seasons.  Snow Valley has averaged 180000 skier visits over the past 5 seasons, so that’s a significant amount of paper NOT going into the land fill. The brochure was printed only once during past seasons however we always discovered that there was always a box or two left over.  This season we are printing less than a third of the typical 5000 copies.  The electronic version available on the website, and the website itself, will provide amble access.

Snow School has re-designed the teaching year by making all December programs 3 weeks long, as they did last season, as well as all week day programs in January, February and March.  5-week programs are still available on weekends.  All programs guarantee at least 5 hours of instruction, regardless of 5 or 3 week formats.  

Making snow then pushing snow is the order of march.

If you poke around, you’ll notice the website is brand new and better functioning on mobile devices.  Plus the initial ‘splash’ page let’s you begin with a link to all properties Snow Valley manages through the year.

We will be updating to bring all websites in line with a mobile friendly functionality.

Now all we need is snow.

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