History of snow valley

Attaching your feet to two long planks and sliding down a snow-covered slope is a long-practiced hobby for Edmontonians. In fact, skiing has been around in Edmonton for over a century. By the 1930's there were five major ski clubs within Edmonton. Members of these clubs actively participated in competitions and meets throughout the city promoting the sport, and skiing began to gain in popularity. As the sport grew, so did the emergence of new ski areas.

The Evolution of the Lodge

The next several years saw further improvements to the hill to keep pace with the growth. These improvements included installing a state-of-the-art high-speed quad chairlift, building a learning area complete with a carpet lift, removing the old handle tow lift and replacing it with a second carpet lift, upgrading the snow making pumps and equipment, as well as adding new features to the terrain park. In addition, as of the summer 2006, Snow Valley received approval from the city to hold banquets, opening up the opportunity to hold wedding receptions, meetings, community fundraisers and private functions in the lodge over the summer months. More recently, the Club has built a beautiful new Campground Chalet as well as opened it’s very popular Aerial Park, which has allowed Snow Valley to truly become a year-round recreation facility.

History has shown that Snow Valley is constantly assessing the needs of the public and is always evolving to meet those needs. As Snow Valley looks into the future, plans are already under way for new upgrades to ensure that Edmontonians will continue to have a great facility to enjoy for years to come.