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Snow Valley Ski Club is pleased to announce plans to develop a Toddler Play Area that will be ancillary to its existing Aerial Park. This play area will consist of approximately three small play elements that will have a natural aesthetic. It will be located adjacent to the Aerial Park within the grounds of the Rainbow Valley Campground.

While the Aerial Park offers wonderful recreational opportunities to families, groups and individuals, there is a minimum height restriction for participation that limits access to many children under the age of 6.

The proposed play area will provide a similar adventure/climbing activity for those children who are still too small to access the Aerial Park, as well as provide additional recreation to all other children. Use of this play structure will be free of charge.

Snow Valley’s objective is to maximize recreational opportunities for small children at our facility and encourage adventurous outdoor play at an early age. This will help to make the facility inclusive to all ages.

This project aligns with the recreational and wellness-based elements of the City of Edmonton’s Vision and Strategic Plan by providing an accessible facility that will encourage healthy and active living as well as provide a connection to nature.

The play area will be located in a decommissioned campsite directly to the north of the Aerial Park. Its footprint will measure approximately 10 meters by 6 meters and no tree removals will be required. Installation will take place over two weeks in April, 2020.

Snow Valley is working closely with the City of Edmonton’s Community & Recreation Facilities department towards receiving final project approval for this Toddler Play Area.

If you would like more information or if you wish to provide feedback or commentary on the project, please contact:

Paul Robinson, Assistant General Manager, Snow Valley

Phone: 780-809-2364


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