Open for the Season

Snow Rider

Snow Valley is ready to ride the 2018-19 season!

It starts with Snow Making

Snow making is a matter of timing, science and an art form all rolled into one.  Under the direction of Marlin Van Zandt, the Snow Makers scrambled to their assigned posts to aim a massive air assisted water sprayer known as a ‘Snow Gun’.

A barrage of snow poured out of 11 guns all at once for 6 consecutive days in freezing weather.  To be precise, it was not ‘just’ freezing (0C), it was between 10 and 15 degrees below freezing which allows for the maximum amount of water to be pumped into the air.  The result is several large mounds (4 to 6 meters high) of light snow.  Enough snow to be pushed and massaged around to cover the hill. 

We Are Ready

Guest Services is ready.  Ready to answer questions (as in ‘Are you open for the season?’), issue lift tickets, lesson cards and Season Passes.   

Snow School is ready.  Ready to get you riding like a pro or just up and riding! 

Lift Operations is ready.  Ready to get you safely on and off each of the four lifts around the hill.

Are you ready?  Ready to help Snow Valley ‘Make Winter Fun’?

If you are, then we’re ready, too.

Tim Dea


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