February 1, 2021

Why are we doing a video contest?

We want to see what Snow Valley means to you! Whether you spend hours in the park, sneak in an afternoon of rides down Old Road with your kids, or sip hot chocolate after a quick evening run, we invite you to share what “My Snow Valley” means to you.

**Update Mar 24** The #MySnowValley contest was a roaring success, and we got SO MANY incredible submissions we couldn’t NOT share them! Enjoy!

Edmonton has been incredible this year with your support of Snow Valley and support of the many ski and snowboard shops that call this city home.

We want to give back!

How does the contest work?

Guests enjoying Snow Valley are invited to show off their skills and share their videos online reflecting the theme “My Snow Valley” with us on Instagram using #MySnowValley or by submitting the video directly.

Every 2 weeks, 2 videos will be selected as winners! The sponsor shop will choose their favourite video from all eligible entries to win a prize from that shop.

We will randomly select another winner from all other eligible entries. That person will win a $100 gift card to Snow Valley, usable everywhere on the hill (including at concession, snow rider, Aerial Park, etc.)

Sponsor Shops

Feb 1 to Feb 14 – @sundanceskishop Sundance Ski &Snowboard – $100 Gift Card

Feb 15 to Feb 28 – @theeasyrider The Easy Rider – $100 Gift Card

Mar 1 to Mar 14 – @pacesetter_ski_shoppe Pacesetter Ski & Snowboard – $100 Gift Card

How to enter the contest

Submit your #MySnowValley videos to our Instagram or at the submission link here.

If you are sharing to Instagram: Use the hashtag #MySnowValley, tag us @snowvalleyski and tag the sponsor shop too. The account MUST be public and the video must be a post or IG video (ie., not a story), or we cannot see it.

If you are submitting the video directly: Please use THIS LINK HERE.

This is the best option if you do not use Instagram, do not want to share the video there, or do not have a public account.

The rules / The fine print

The contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or supported by Instagram.

To be eligible, videos must:

  • Follow all hill rules and policies (no inverts, masks on, etc.)
  • Be recorded at Snow Valley and reflect the theme “My Snow Valley”
  • If submitted on IG on a public account, must use #MySnowValley AND tag @snowvalleyski AND tag the sponsor shop for the correct time period. (see above)
  • If submitted directly, the full form must be filled in properly

Max 1 entry per person for each 2-week period. (ie. 1 entry per person for each sponsor shop period.)

Currently employed Snow Valley staff are NOT eligible to enter.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact marketingassist@snowvalley.ca