From 2 Planks To 1: A Skier In Snowboard Lessons – Week 5

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It is only by looking back at the start of lessons when I could barely stand on the board, that I really see how far we all have come! It’s been 5 weeks of challenges, learning, friendship, and snow, and man have they been fun!

You’ve heard enough from me over the past month, so this week, I instead am turning to Mitchell and Wamaitha to hear from them what their experience has been like. Let’s dive in!

Alex: Can you tell me a little bit more about why you signed up for Snowboard lessons at Snow Valley? What inspired you, and what were you hoping to gain?

From left to right: Alex, Mitchell, Wamaitha. Not pictured: Sharon

Mitchell: I signed up for snowboarding for a few reasons. One of my kids wanted to snowboard and I thought it would be good family fun. I also like keeping fit and challenging myself.  Besides, we all need something to do in the winter time in Alberta!

Wamaitha: I signed up for snowboarding lessons because I enjoyed going to the mountains and wanted to have more fun there. I had previously been snowboarding but could only do the very basic toe edge and heel edge. I couldn’t even stand up. After about 20 minutes of toe and heel, it gets a bit boring so I wanted to expand my horizons.

Alex: What has been your biggest challenge with the snowboarding lessons and how have you (started to) overcome it?

Mitchell: The hardest part was feeling confident doing it. But the instructors took the time to explain how to do it and correct it and make you feel like you can do it.

Wamaitha: I am a very cautious person so my biggest challenge was height. I could do the same thing on a flatter slope but on a steeper slope, I would constantly psych myself out. A majority of the time it was a mental thing and once I overcame the mental block, it wasn’t bad! 

Alex: What has been your proudest moment during the snowboarding lessons?

Mitchell: Hmmm… I guess being able to attempt any hill and push my limits on what I thought would take years to be able to do.  But did it in very short time frame.

Wamaitha: My proudest moment would have to be the last class. I am slow but steady and had struggled with keeping up with the other members in my class. That last class finally felt like I did catch up and I actually started having fun and not thinking about the logistics of the moves too much.

Alex: What was most surprising to you about your experience?

Mitchell: I was surprised by how many people come out eveyr cold night because of love of the sport and how helpful the instructors are. I don’t just mean the ones that are instructing you in class, but every instructor I ran into. 

Wamaitha: How comfortable I am by the end of the lessons. I was not expecting to be this comfortable. I started with the end goal to go to the mountains but to be honest I would be ok with not going just because I know how to have fun in the smaller city hills now.

Alex: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you?

Wamaitha: Not in this set of lessons but in the beginner lessons before Christmas, which I took for the sole purpose of learning how to stand up from a board. Many people and lots of YouTube videos had tried to teach me but for some reason I could not get it. It took me a few runs and a few tries but I did it! That first stand without help was the best feeling in the world!

Alex: Do you think that you will keep on snowboarding in the future?

Mitchell: I’m hoping to; it’s fun.  Advanced lessons next!!

Wamaitha: Absolutely! I plan to take the advanced snowboarding lessons and hope to keep at it by myself after those lessons as well.

Alex: What would you say to someone considering signing up for adult snowboard lessons at Snow Valley?

Mitchell: Do it!!! It’s fun and easier and safer than most people think it is.  It’s also a great way to meet someone new and interesting. You never know who you will meet on the chairlift.

Wamaitha: If you can afford it then yes, you should do it. Whatever level you are at, you can always learn something new or improve a technique. The more you know the more fun you can have and the more tools you have to play around with.

Thank you so much for following along with my lessons for the past 5 weeks. If you are interested in signing up for adult lessons, they start as soon as next Tuesday! Learn more here.

If you would like to get in touch, please do so. I’ll be in Monday night advanced snowboard lessons too! See you there hopefully.

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