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From 2 Planks To 1: A Skier In Snowboard Lessons – Week 5

It is only by looking back at the start of lessons when I could barely stand on the board, that I really see how far we all have come! It’s been 5 weeks of challenges, learning, friendship, and snow, and man have they been fun!

You’ve heard enough from me over the past month, so this week, I instead am turning to Mitchell and Wamaitha to hear from them what their experience has been like. Let’s dive in!

Alex: Can you tell me a little bit more about why you signed up for Snowboard lessons at Snow Valley? What inspired you, and what were you hoping to gain?

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“Snow Valley Family” Photo Contest

Share Your “Snow Valley Family” Snaps And WIN!

Submit Your Photos Here

We know that Snow Valley is a great place for families to gather and make memories outside. We want to help you share the memories!

Until March 15, 2020 share your Snow Valley Ski Club family photos or videos with us using the online entry form. Each photo or video submitted through the form will enter you into a draw for a Kal Tire voucher worth up to $1,000!

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From 2 Planks To 1: A Skier In Snowboard Lessons – Week 2

As I once again grabbed my rental snowboard and headed out of the lodge at Snow Valley, it dawned on me that it had been 2 weeks since I last stepped on a board and that I had not even practiced once since the last lesson. Fingers crossed this was going to go well!

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