Snow Day was a Great Day!

World-Snow-Day-Logo-RGBWorld Snow Day was a big hit and even made the local news!

World Snow Day Report from CTV Edmonton

This year was accentuated by the Sportchek Regional and Alpine Insurance Nancy Greene Races this past weekend.

Thanks to Snow Valley Racing and everyone who made it a great day!

Can’t wait until next year…



World Snow Day is Sunday, January 18

World-Snow-Day-Logo-RGBThis weekend features lots of activities, not the least of which is the FIS World Snow Day!  Around the world the theme of ‘Bringing Children to the Snow’ is being played out.

Snow Valley will feature a fun race course complete with gates and a finish line, on hill giveaways and more throughout the day.

Also happening on Sunday will be the Alpine Insurance Nancy Greene Race with the Sportchek Regional Series Race going on Saturday.

A busy weekend but it looks to be a great weekend for FIS World Snow Day!

Here’s some shots during last year’s event!


Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass

The Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass gives your child hundreds of reasons to ski and snowboard this New Year

Start the New Year off right! Pick up a Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass and get your kids started in skiing and snowboarding.

Another year has come and gone, and we are all busy coming up with our own New Year’s resolutions for 2015. Most of us are aiming to lead happier and healthier lives by eating better, working less, spending more time with our family, and being more active. But what about our kids? It’s never too late – or too early – to get the kids started on their own goals to stay active and healthy in 2015. What better way to get them started right away than by getting them out and on the hills, skiing and snowboarding with the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass!

Any child in grade 4 or 5 (or who was born in 2004 or 2005) is eligible for a SnowPass and with over 150 ski areas participating in the program – including 31 ski areas in British Columbia, 19 in Alberta, 1 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Manitoba, 32 in Ontario, 57 in Quebec, 8 in Atlantic Canada, and 1 in the Yukon – it’s accessible to nearly everyone. Plus, it’s an unbeatable offer: it provides three lift passes at each and every one of the 150+ ski areas nationwide for Canadian kids in Grade 4 and Grade 5! For a full list of participating ski areas, visit

One of the great things about the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass program is that it encourages children to get outside during the long Canadian winter. “Skiing and snowboarding are excellent ways to get kids outside and active in winter,” says Patrick Arkeveld, President and CEO of the Canadian Ski Council. “Skiing and snowboarding are healthy and fun outdoor activities, and what’s more, they’re family sports that create great family traditions and family memories.”

Now applying for a SnowPass is easier than ever! Visit, upload your child’s picture and proof of age, enter your payment, and voila! Your child’s SnowPass will be sent straight to your home. You can also pay a little extra to have your SnowPass sent to you via XpressPost so that you receive it sooner. Details can be found on the SnowPass website.

For more information on the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass program, visit


Pump Up The Jam RETURNS

Looking for a fun and friendly competition for a beginner free style boarder or skier?

Pump Up The Jam is your solution!

Blank Skate & Snowboards presents Pump Up The Jam January 11th in the Skiers Sportshop Terrain Park. Kids 12 and under can enter this fun event ONLY at Snow Rider Ski Shop located immediately behind Guest Services at Snow Valley.

If you want to speed the process up, download the Pump Up The Jam Registration Package 2015, fill it out and bring it into Snow Rider before January 11, 2015.



Last Minute Gift Ideas

Or how to finish on time!

Visit Snow Rider anytime before, during  or after the New Year’s break and you’ll find some great buys.

“Snow Valley: 65 Years in the Making”, 38 pages, $24.99.

A project that began over a year ago has come to fruition.  An historical overview as told by Steve Kenworthy with Brandon Pedersen.  The story began with a coal mine on the edge of a small city and ends up a major recreational facility serving a metro population of over one million people.  Many historical photos and snapshots describing what was there and what is still here.  Limited quantities.  Great gift for any generation.

Snow Rider also features Jason Blower’s Snow Valley prints, helmets, gloves, mitts, tuques, accessories and more.  Plus it may be time to get the skis and snowboard tuned up, talk to Snow Rider about that, too.

Guest Services is the place to go for Snow Valley’s Snow Card.  It’s like cash and you can use it for any type of purchase anywhere at Snow Valley.  Get yours today.

Have a safe holiday and keep your tips up!

Tim Dea



Photos with Santa Simon

Did you get a picture with Simon at the Holiday Celebration on December 14?  Go the Gallery and click on “2014 Holiday Celebration” and watch for your image.  Just call Snow Valley Marketing with the image number (2/116 or 45/116…you get the picture), who’s in it and we’ll send it out to you as soon as we can!  If you end up leaving a message, we’ll call you back to confirm.

Merry Christmas!

Tim Dea


The Destination is only half the Fun!

One thing about working at an “urban” ski area is that it typically is not considered a “destination”.  When you think of “Resort”, you think Jasper.  Banff.  Kimberley.  Then you think, “How am I going to get everyone there without losing my mind?”.

The answer always boils down to a simple formula of distance over time times the number of people in the vehicle.

D/T x P = LMMf*

*Losing My Mind factor

Entertainment and Fuel will always have an effect, as well.

Entertainment can come in the form to the very latest in technological advances in hand held and display and audio devices to the age old “car games” we used to play as kids.  I would also consider an audio book you can all ‘get into’ or, wait for it, read a book out loud.  Please don’t rely on one form of entertainment.  Experience tells us that while “trading” similar games or platforms works for a while, a fight will break out the longer the trip.  Music chosen by everyone is also a must when considering “cabin entertainment” over “personal entertainment”.  Therefore you must bring more than necessary to get to your destination (mainly because you still have to go home with them!). Extra headphones are also a blessing.

Fuel (other than the obvious for your mode of transportation – and where the next fill will come from) can come in the forms of snacks, drinks, or full blown ‘meals for the road’.

I personally suggest giving everyone as much as you want them to spill in your car/truck/SUV/CUV/RV or whatever.  It’s going to happen.  Not much more to say except don’t run out unless you’re willing to buy Gas Station snacks.

Now to the important stuff:  Safety.

The following was taken from the General Motors website and there’s a link to the complete article at the bottom.

Many items can be packed away as helpful tools and emergency aids, but every vehicle should at least have some basics:

·         Ice scraper to clear windshield, windows, and all snow off roof, which can otherwise blow off and impede other motorists.

·         Jumper cables because batteries are more susceptible to power drains in cold- weather conditions.

·         Cat litter or spare floor mat to be used for added traction if the vehicle gets stuck. A small shovel and a 50-foot tow strap are useful for freeing stranded vehicles, too.

·         Cell phone to call for outside help. And don’t forget to have a charger in the vehicle. GM vehicles equipped with OnStar also offer a built-in lifeline (as well as some other manufacturers).

·         Emergency supplies including extra warm clothes or a blanket, a flashlight with extra batteries, food and water, and a small first aid kit.  Read more here

And finally, somewhere to go:


Here’s a quick snap shot of some Alberta destinations courtesy the GoSkiAlberta website and more importantly the DEALS!

The Low Down on BC Resorts (just in case you really like to drive!)

Tim Dea


Holiday Celebration this Weekend

The kids will have a ball this Sunday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm with our 6th Annual Holiday Celebration featuring Santa Simon!  Santa Simon will be available for photos in our Snow Carved throne throughout the event.

The weather looks like it may even cooperate!

Upstairs in the lodge, will have crafts and cookie decorating while Snow Valley staff sing carols in front of the fireplace around noon (we MAY need your help).

We will also collect donations in support of the Edmonton Christmas Bureau and gently used outer wear for the Youth Empowerment Support Services in a large decorated box inside the main doors.

ChristmasBureau_logo yess-logo-01




See you there!