Now all we need is SNOW!

The staff are back.  The Ski Swap and Sale has come and gone.  The Halloween Haunt was a success.  The snow guns are out.  Now, we wait.

SnowValleySnow CannonsWe wait for the right temperature, most likely during the wee hours of the morning when we’re all wondering, “…should I get up and close the window or am I warm enough in bed?”.  An automated call gets the crew up and down into the valley.  If the wind is right, the hoses are secure and all is well: they hit the switch.

A phalanx of snow guns fire water into the air, freezing on the way down and collect on the ground below.  A ‘whale’ is formed, eventually.  The next team member is the Groomer! The Groomer tackles the whale with a great red monster of a machine.   Eventually he levels the whale of snow and pushes snow up each run.


And so begins the beginning of the season.


Halloween Haunt this Sunday

Dress up and come for a fun afternoon inside Rainbow Valley Campground.  Snow Valley’s annual Halloween Haunt goes this Sunday, October 26th from Noon until 4pm!  Admission is by donation to the Edmonton Food Bank.  Features will include Ronald McDonald’s magic show, tethered balloon rides in the Remax hot air balloon, Inflatable Fun Bouncy Castle, activities and more!  It’s fun for the whole family!

See you this Sunday noon to 4:00 pm for our Halloween Haunt!Halloween-Haunt-2014web



Ski Swap & Sale This Weekend!

It is happening this weekend, October 18 and 19!  You can drop off and consign your skis, snowboards, boots, poles (sorry no used helmets and no straight skis) for just $2 each between 9a and 4p on Saturday.  Come back Sunday between 9a and 3p to replace what you just sold!  In case of a line up we will have three food trucks on hand including Knosh Catering, Atilla the Hungry and The Patty Wagon.

This event is a fund raiser for Snow Valley Ski Club, Snow Valley Racing, and the Snow Valley Scholarship Fund.

Get more details on our the Events page.




Ski Swap & Sale is October 18 & 19

DSC_0419Time to dust off the old boots and skis and think about swapping them up for something that fits a little better!  Kids will benefit while parents will save on new (to you) equipment.

For those new to the experience, you can bring down your usable skis, snowboards, boots, poles and cleaned outerwear to consign.  The drop off portion is Saturday, October 18.  Then come select from other people’s consigned goods and get great deals on great equipment on Sunday, October 19 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.  For more details please visit the Events page on the website.

Remember: we cannot take any used helmets or straight skis!

Entry is just $2 per person and $5 per family on Sunday.  All proceeds from entrance fees go to the Snow Valley Scholarship Fund and all proceeds from the sale go to Snow Valley Ski Club and Snow Valley Racing.


Coming in 2014-15

Snow Valley is pleased to announce some very exciting projects that will be taking place at our facility this year. These projects, which are identified in the Club’s City of Edmonton-approved 10-Year Master Plan, will improve and enhance the experience of all users of our winter ski facility, the Rainbow Valley Campground and Whitemud Park.

New BuildingThis fall, we will begin construction on our new multi-use Rainbow Valley Campground office building, which will replace the existing building. This beautiful 2-storey structure will house the new Rainbow Valley Campground registration office as well as additional office and meeting space for Snow Valley Ski Club and the Snow Valley Racing Association. Construction is slated to be completed this spring and the building will be open to the public in time for the 2015 camping season.

Additionally, the City of Edmonton in partnership with Snow Valley will be installing a new traffic light at the entrance to our access road (119 street and Rainbow Valley road) during the fall of 2014. This improvement will increase safety and make it much easier for our guests and all users of Whitemud Park to get in and out of the facility.

Keep your eyes out for news on more exciting capital projects at Snow Valley, including our planned Summer Adventure Activity Area, coming in the summer of 2017!


Tent Event Kicks off Final Week to Save 15%

A monstrous turn out to our 5th Annual Tent Event last Sunday!  Thanks to all who came as well as the shops and resorts that let us celebrate the kick off to another season at Snow Valley.

While August keeps many of us busy landscaping and cutting lawns and enjoying the heat, it’s also the time to begin preparations for the alpine season.  Snow Valley’s eStore is now up and running. Please note Chrome and Firefox web browsers work the best.  Internet Explorer seems to have issues.

Guest Services will be open at the lodge all this week from 4pm to 7pm until Friday, August 29th.  Saturday and Sunday they will be open 10 am to 4pm.  All this time you will be able to save 15% on your season pass!

After Sunday, though….only 10%!



Off to a GREAT Start…sort of

You may not have even noticed but our much bally-hoo’d new eStore neither ‘bally’d’ nor ‘hoo’d’ upon launching last week.  We were able to switch back to the old (current) system so that Season Passes are available for purchase at a 15% discount until the end of August.  What a great start! Continue reading


A New Hope (Tent Event: Aug 24)

The 2014-15 Snow Valley ski and snowboard season is just around the corner and we are so happy …to anticipate …the …snow. Ouch. That was hard. No kidding, it’s summer and we’re all wearing shorts wishing we could be stepping into a pair of skis and riding up the quad.

In the meantime, what have you been up to? Camping? Travelling? Going to the beach? Landscaping?

By the time September rolls around though we’ll all be watching the sky. Going to the storage area to see where those ski boots you bought last year.  Checking to see if the kids boots still fit.  Asking why your ski pants don’t fit anymore…  October will be the realization that Ski SWAP is coming up fast and there’s stuff you need to get out of that basement. Then it’s November!

Before you do any of that, you may want to consider a Season’s Pass.  On line sales begin August 1, you will save 15% on your purchase before the 31st and Guest Services will be open the final week of August (which by the way will feature, once again, our Annual Tent Event on August 24th from 10a to 4p …mark that down).

So keep digging, walking, running, painting, travelling, boating, biking, reading, what ever it is you’re doing and keep in mind that the 2014-15 season is on the way and a new hope.

Snow is on the way in 110 days.