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We are looking forward to a great season and hope you can join us again.

However, skiing and snowboarding will be different this year due to COVID-19 and we want to make sure you are aware of all the impacts COVID-19 will have on your visit to Snow Valley. You can scroll down to click on specific questions. This page will be updated regularly as protocols are updated but we wanted to share with you our current plans with regards to operations. These plans are based on government guidance, numerous discussions and meetings with our ski areas association and other local ski areas, and are made to ensure the health and safety of you and our staff.

Here is a great read about how our industry is adjusting and doing as a whole from the Canadian Ski Council: Ski Well, Be Well

A mask or face covering is required at all times, indoors and outdoors.

Stay home if unwell.

2m apart everywhere.

2m apart on the carpet lifts.

Wash hands frequently.

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What will be different this year?

On the hill, we expect to offer you the same fun and friendly experience that you've come to expect. All lifts and runs will be open and our Terrain Parks will also be open as usual. However, the major changes that you will notice is that our hours are different, masks are mandatory, and you must book ahead by making a reservation to come skiing or snowboarding. Season Pass holders will not be required to book however they will be required to scan their pass at each lift.

Will masks be required?

Yes, appropriate masks or face coverings are mandatory whether you're inside the lodge or outside on the hill, with the exception of when you are eating/drinking. Face coverings must cover the nose and the mouth. Children aged 3 and under will not be required to wear masks or face coverings.

Will there be any exceptions to mandatory masks?

There will be no exceptions made for the mask rule. Alberta Health Services recommends that individuals who are unable to wear a mask or who identify as being exempt should avoid public spaces where appropriate physical distancing from others cannot be maintained at all times.

What are your hours of operation?

With all school group visits to our hill cancelled this winter, our weekday daytime operation will be limited to Thursdays and Fridays. School groups are the lifeblood of our weekday daytime operations and without them, it is not operationally viable for Snow Valley to operate full days all week. We continue to be in communication with the local school boards and should restrictions ease and field trips be allowed again, our operational hours may be updated accordingly.

Our regular hours of operation during the season are as follows:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Check our conditions page for more details on our hours of operation.

Do day tickets for non-pass holder need to be reserved in advance?

Yes. In order for Snow Valley to manage our facility capacity restrictions, all day tickets must be booked and purchased online ahead of your visit. Currently, each lift ticket is valid up to 4 hours or until closing. This means that everyone (except passholders) coming skiing or snowboarding must book and pay in advance. there will be no in-person lift ticket sales. The availability of tickets will fluctuate based on business levels and there may be times when capacity is met and day tickets for a particular time will not be available.

This will be a new experience both for Snow Valley and for our guests, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as this system goes into effect. On the relevant pages of our website (season passes and lift tickets ) you will find information on making a reservation. Lessons program participants and season pass holders will not have to book in advance.

Will chairlift capacity be limited?

In accordance with AHS guidelines regarding chairlifts, the consistent wearing of face coverings by everyone will allow chairlifts to be loaded at full capacity, even with non-cohorts. Those who are not comfortable riding a chairlift with non-cohorts will not be forced to and will be loaded individually.

Picking up lift tickets

Upon arriving for your reserved time slot, ALL non passholders will pick up their lift tickets from our outside ticketing window on the east side of the building facing the parking lot. We will check your reservation on arrival and then print your ticket. We will have ticket scanners on both chairlifts and carpet lifts so be sure to have your ticket on at all times.

Passholders just need to show their pass at the lift to the ticket scanner, they don't need to book ahead.

Will there be limited capacity at the facility?

Yes, in accordance with AHS guidelines, our capacity on the hill and in the Lodge will be significantly reduced and capacity limits strictly enforced.

Because of capacity restrictions, it is possible that there will be times when day tickets (for non-passholders) will be very limited or possibly not available, depending on business levels.

What considerations are being made regarding capacity restrictions? How can patrons help?

We have converted our boardroom upstairs to a public area for additional public seating space. We will also be providing outdoor tent shelters to provide additional space for guests to rest or watch lessons outside of the Lodge. We will also have a concession stand outside that will serve items such as coffee, hot chocolate, churros and snacks.

We ask for everyone's cooperation in limiting their use of the indoor Lodge space as much as possible.

  • We encourage guests to use their vehicle as their "base lodge" so that you can go straight from your vehicle to the lifts without needing to go inside.
  • There will be no cubbies available so please come prepared to ski and snowboard and refrain from bringing bags and backpacks into the Lodge.
  • We encourage guests to consider eating outside rather than in the Lodge and to minimize use of washroom facilities as much as reasonable. No outside or bag lunches will be permitted in the Lodge - we encourage you to eat in your vehicle if needed.
  • AS OF FEB. 8, 2021 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Please limit your warm up time in the Lodge upstairs to no more than 10 minutes. You may order food upstairs at concession then proceed to the waiting area. When your order is ready you must eat either outside at tables or return to your vehicle. There is seating UPSTAIRS inside the lodge though everyone MUST be from the SAME household. You must also keep 2m from the nearest table seated.
  • We encourage parents of older children in lessons to drop off their child and come back to pick them up rather than staying to watch.

While this does create inconveniences, we ask for everyone's cooperation, patience and understanding with these changes. Providing a safe space for everyone to ski & snowboard requires adaptation from all and a willingness to do things differently. With your help, we can ensure that overcrowding, particularly in indoor spaces, doesn't lead to "the reason we can't have a season".

Can I book a lift ticket on the same day I want to come and ride?

For day snowboarding or skiing, you must plan ahead and buy a lift ticket online before you come to the hill. If we are already at our preset capacity on the hill, then you won't be able to buy a ticket for that day. If there is space available, you can of course buy a ticket online on the day you want to come. However, you cannot buy a lift ticket at reception, all lift tickets must be bought online before coming to the hill.

What is going on with rentals?

For full information on rentals, please check out our rentals page.

For lesson program rentals, you will be asked to come in advance during pre-set dates to be fitted for your rentals. This will allow us to have your equipment pre-set for you before each lesson, making your rental experiences quicker when you visit and limiting the amount of time you will need to be in the Lodge. The dates for pre-fitting will be announced at a later date.

Please note that not all equipment can always be set up before arrival, due to business levels.

Rentals associated with lessons are valid for the duration of the lesson only. If you would like to stay and use your rentals after your lesson is completed, you must purchase an additional 4hr rental package.

Will there be food services?

Yes, you can get something to eat here. Our full concession menu is available upstairs in the lodge. We will also feature an outdoor outlet, the High Horse Coffee Hut, for coffee, hot chocolate, churros and other quick items.

Please note:

  • NEW: Once you have ordered your food and received it, you must eat it outside at one of several picnic tables on the deck or under one of three tents. There is currently no seating indoors.
  • Items from the grill will not be available 1 hour before closing (after 8:00 pm on weekdays and 4:00 pm on weekends).
  • Due to AHS restrictions food purchased outside of Snow Valley, specifically restaurant prepared items and homemade meals, is not allowed in the lodge.
  • We ask that if you must bring outside food and beverages, you use the picnic tables outside.
  • Personal water bottles may be refilled at the sink next to the washrooms upstairs.
  • Travel mugs cannot be directly refilled, a cup of coffee/hot chocolate or hot water must be purchased at concession or the High Horse Coffee Hut.

Will you be accepting cash?

Yes. However, to limit the potential spread of COVID-19, we would rather receive payment to by card (touchless preferred). We accept debit, VISA and Mastercard for payment online or at the hill.

New this year, you can load money onto any Snow Valley card (either a gift card OR your season pass card) that you can use online or at the hill.

What is the refund policy?

Please click HERE to view the full refund policy.

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