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Tips for Purchasing Season Passes Online

To Purchase any product:
DESKTOP Users: Click on expansion arrows. You will need to either 'register' or 'login' to your Profile.
MOBILE Users: Click graphic of horizontal lines to complete "Login or register".
Family Season Pass Purchasers: To ensure smooth processing when you pick up your pass at Snow Valley, you will need to add all family members to your profile.

To add someone to your Profile:

  • Select "Account"
  • Select "Family" (from left side of screen).
  • Select "Edit" and fill in the spaces provided.
  • Either "Save" or select the "+" and continue adding family members
  • Once you have listed all family members, you may select "Browse Store" and carry on shopping or logout.

To add someone to your Family Pass:

  • Select "Family Season Pass", then "Profile" (formerly "Ticket Holder"), select YOUR name, acknowlege the Waiver and then "Add to Cart". The full amount of the pass will appear in your cart.
  • Select "Additional Family Member" (Please select the appropriate item for the number of family members on your pass).
  • From the dropdown list "Profile", add the family member, acknowledge the Waiver and "Add to Cart". Repeat this step completely for each family member.
  • Either "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout".
  • In the "Checkout" you will need to complete the payment details.
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