Updated October 4, 2021: All attractions at Snow Valley Aerial Park are now CLOSED for the winter. We look forward to seeing you next summer!

The Aerial Park Tower

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With over 100 games on the structure, there is something for everyone! The theme for the Snow Valley Aerial Park tower is "Edmonton’s River Valley". It also includes Snow Valley and Rainbow Valley themed elements including a ski bridge, snowboard balance bridge, picnic table, free-fall drop, and a few more surprises. The course is set up "choose-your-own adventure" style, so you can pick whichever elements you would (or would not) like to climb. The games are graded like runs on a ski hill; green, blue and black.

Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your adventure to check in. This activity is very safe; you are harnessed in at all times. We have trained guides on the tower at all times to help you learn “the ropes” and to assist you if you need. Our guides are also there to enhance your experience by providing tips and tricks!

You must be at least 125 cm (4 ft, 1 in) tall to participate. Please beaware that any participant under 140cm (4 ft, 7 in) will struggle with some above ground elements on the tower. Climbs are a maximum of 2 hours long. Orientation and safety equipment is included.

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Whitemud Creek Mining Co

Presented by Amalgamated Mining Group

Whitemud Creek Mining Company has returned after 50 years since shutting down. Today, it's a sluice and there are treasures and gems to be found with each bag of rough purchased nearby. Located alongside the Aerial Park Tower, the sluice will allow children to sift through sand and find either gems, fossils or other treasures. No bookings required.

What's a "sluice"? It's the trough of water you use to wash the rough away to discover your new found treasures! This is one of our newest features at Snow Valley Aerial Park and we hope everyone has fun. It's a great addition to the outdoor fun here in the Valley.


Snow Valley Target Golf

Presented by de Boer's Golf Shop & Fitting Centre

Snow Valley Target Golf is one of our newest family-friendly attractions! Hit golf balls uphill with your friends and family as you aim at various yardage markers and novelty targets scattered up the hill! Snow Valley Target Golf is the perfect Edmonton summer activity and is ideal for families, date nights, and groups!

Our Target Golf attraction is located in the Whitemud Creek Ravine and shares a parking lot with the Snow Valley Aerial Park, Rainbow Valley Campground, Whitemud Creek Mining Co, and the outdoor patio! Enjoy the target golf on its own or as part of a full day (or overnight) experience!

No booking required.

Remember you can always borrow a club or bring your own irons - this is not your typical driving range, it is a fun outdoor experience and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Max target distance is 150 yards.

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