The Clic-it Belay system:

The Aerial Park Tower

Snow Valley has partnered with KristallTurm North America to bring the KT90 Tower to Edmonton. The first Aerial Park Tower of its kind to be built in Canada and 3rd in North America (check out Colorado’s Epic Tower and Nashville’s Soar Tower opened in 2016).

With a dedicated 19 game kids route on the ground level for ages 4-6yrs, plus 90+ games on levels 1-3, there is something for everyone. The theme for the Snow Valley Aerial Park tower is Edmonton’s River Valley along with Snow Valley and Rainbow Valley with themed elements including a ski bridge, snowboard balance bridge, picnic table, bicycle, plus a few surprises. The games are graded like runs on a ski hill; green, blue, black and double black.

Average climbing experience will be about 2 – 3hrs. This is a very safe activity as you are harnessed in at all times. We have trained guides to help you learn “the ropes” and are there to enhance your experience by providing tips and assistance. Orientation and equipment is included.

Approved as a safe activity by Alberta Schools

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