Snow Valley Aerial Park

Opening Late Spring 2017

The video below is from KristallTurm and demonstrates all available features.(7:15 in length)

Media Reports

October 25, 2016:

City Council Unanimously Approved:

  1. The Environmental Impact Assessment and Site Location Study, Integrated Infrastructure Services report CR_3989.
  2. The location of the Summer Adventure Activity Area within the River Valley, Integrated Infrastructure Services report CR_3989, be deemed essential.

Snow Valley is a not for profit organization, committed to promoting wellness through fun, friendly, safe, year round family recreation and sport in the Edmonton Community.

Media Contact Tim Dea, Marketing & Communications Manager or Shawn Balog, General Manager


First the The Master Plan: What is it?

The Snow Valley/Rainbow Valley Recreation Area and the City of Edmonton are partners in regard to the management and ownership of this area. The Snow Valley operates the ski and campground facilities under a management agreement with the City of Edmonton.

The 10 Year Master Plan, approved by the City of Edmonton in June of 2012, outlines the improvements to both the facilities and grounds that are needed in order to sustain current operations and promote a sense of ‘wellness’. These improvements are required in order to meet the expectations of existing and future guests and the surrounding community. The framework for the 10 Year Master Plan was provided by Snow Valley’s five basic goals:

  • Preserve: Respect, Protect, and Promote the Natural Environment
  • Stewardship: Responsible and Feasible Design
  • Recreational Opportunities: Promote a Year round Active Lifestyle
  • Needs of Guests and Community: Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Place
  • Partnership: Working with the City, Schools and other Groups

The proposed improvements to the facilities and the grounds were developed in conjunction with a variety of stakeholders, including the Snow Valley Board of Directors, Snow Valley Staff, the City of Edmonton, and citizens of Edmonton. These meetings with stakeholders provided diverse perspectives, ideas, and observations on the function of Snow Valley today and the improvements needed to sustain its future.

Next: The Idea

Recommendation: An Adventure Activity Area including zip lines and rope work, provide activities that engage older youth and teenagers. These structures are often used for team building activities, promoting fitness and confidence building.

Now: The Project

Snow Valley Aerial Park: A "KristallTurm 90" tower built and designed by KristallTurm

Public Consultation: An Open House was held on April 27, 2016 at Snow Valley Ski Club (Notice was delivered to 44 residences, 5 community leagues, Ward 10 Councillor M. Walters and Edmonton-Whitemud MLA R. Turner). The notification was also published on this website and on Social Media.
In addition, a 2015 survey conducted by Snow Valley to Season Pass Holders found 89.9% of 182 respondents supported the project.

This YouTube video is of the assembly of a KristallTurm 90 tower in Moscow

Cost to Snow Valley: $1,700,000 (Est.)

Cost to City of Edmonton: $0

Location within Snow Valley Recreational Area: Click HERE

This aerial image below shows the actual contact points with the ground and which specific trees are scheduled to be removed.
NOTE: Any tree removed is assessed by the City and Snow Valley must replace with a similar naturally occurring species